Monday, April 15, 2019

Information of Value

Did you know that I send a once-monthly email with professionally-researched information of value? Those monthly IOV sheets are compiled into the Information of Value book

If you'd like to be included and be the first to get this valuable information, please email, text or call me with your email address.

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

I've Got Your Six

When you need a REALTOR in DFW, I’ve Got Your Six!  

What does it mean to have someone's six?

Military units use the term “I’ve got your six” as commitment to protect vulnerable flanks while coordinating battlefield missions and actions.

In short, it means “I have your back.” It literally means, "I’m protecting your 6 o’clock position."

The Navy originally used clock directions for open-ocean orientation. Twelve o’clock means directly to the front while 6 o’clock means directly to the rear.

The rear of a unit is most vulnerable. Therefore, units provide cover to allow an allied unit to complete the mission without the worry of being attacked from behind.

Later, fighter pilots used the call over radios to establish air position and protection.

I’m an OPFOR infantry veteran from the Army’s National Training Center. When I have your six, you should feel safe to complete your mission (to sell, buy or lease a home). It’s my duty to protect you throughout your mission and beyond.


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