Thursday, January 21, 2021

House Tour - Providence Village

Cloudy days are good for viewing cozy homes in Providence Village. Call, text or email when you're ready in northern DFW!

I've Got Your Six!

Mark M. Hancock, GRI, MRP, AHWD
REALTOR, New Build Certified

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Prosper Testimonial

I’m honored beyond words to have such amazing clients! I will Always Have Your Six!

Our experience with Mark has been outstanding to say the least. He is truly a wealth of knowledge, a trove of fun facts and the ultimate spokesperson for Texas! Mark walked into every house prepared to help us find the perfect the one and having the ability to share the vision we had. When we finally decided on our forever home, Mark was there every step of the way! He was there for every meeting no matter how big or small to ensure we had the support we needed as first time home buyers. Mark ensured we were prepared with any questions that may come up as well as additional insight that ultimately help us avoid many "pitfalls". We ended with our dream house and an the addition of a new member to our family, Mark. Our conversation always ended with Mark stating he "has your six", with conviction we can say we have yours.

Mark M. Hancock, GRI, MRP, AHWD
REALTOR, New Build Certified

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Carrollton - New-Build Communities and Builders

Below is a list of all known communities and active builders within Carrollton, Texas. 
A list of northern Dallas County and southeastern Denton County communities are available on this postDFWmark has additional deep, proprietary information about these communities to save your time, money and frustration. My services are almost always at no cost to buyer and tenant Clients. Call or text me at 214-862-7212 or email me about additional information.

Carrollton, Texas
Denton and Dallas counties

Lakewood Hills East & West               Lennar
Lakewood Hills South                         Village Builders
Essex Park                                          Normandy Homes
Thomas Place Gardens                      David Weekley Homes
Thomas Place Cottages                      David Weekley Homes
Villas of Prestonwood                          Beazer Homes
Lakewood Hills                                    Beazer Homes
Thomas Place Townhomes                 Kindred Homes

Please read Want To Buy A New-Built House? and New Build Home Basics to see if a new home is ideal for you.

If you’re ready to investigate a new-build purchase, it's vital that you DON'T REGISTER WITH THE BUILDER WITHOUT A REALTOR.

If you register without a REALTOR, you often waive your ability to have a no-cost, professional REALTOR on your side. You have accepted the builder's agent and will be treated like a customer. Instead, let the REALTOR register for you. This ensures you have an agent with you - at no cost to you - through the process. DON'T PAY FOR SERVICES THAT YOU DON'T GET!

I share comparative market analyses with my clients as well as information about builders, community amenities, school districts, homeowners' associations (HOA), utility districts (MUDs, SUDs, PIDs, etc.) and more. 

I can help you if you’re ready to move forward. I can contact the builders on your behalf, negotiate favorable deals and leverage our large brokerage to your advantage because I work for you. 

I’ve Got Your Six!

Mark M. Hancock
REALTOR, GRI, MRP, New Home certified

Friday, January 15, 2021

Organize Files for New Year

This could be the year to get files organized. It takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic while a new habit takes from 18 to 254 days. Hopefully, the following behaviors can become lifelong habits.

Paper Notebooks
Before computers, we used notebooks, spirals and steno pads. Many of us still use them to list our daily goals, jot down random ideas or record notes while on the phone or in person. Here’s how to keep them relevant.
On the front of each notebook, write the starting date and leave room for the ending date. This is how the notebooks will be arranged in the future for easy access to information. When information is needed from a specific date, the cover has the answer.
If all notebooks are stored on the same shelf or box, it’s simple and easily found. Ideally, the notebooks will be on their sides rather than stacked upon each other to avoid a shuffled mess.
Start each new day with a new sheet of paper and immediately write the date at the top of the page. Now, the page lets the writer know when the following notes were written and makes the information easier to find later because it will match calendar items.
Once the notebook is full, write the ending date on the cover. Then, store the notebook on the shelf where it belongs by date.

Independent contractors (freelancers) should keep every receipt they get all year. Place those receipts into an accordion-style check holder that is divided by month. It’s easiest if the true business expenses are tabulated during the year. However, having all receipts in one location will be helpful while preparing annual taxes.
Write the year on the outside of the folder and store. Keep it for at least seven years (the tax limit). Shred and recycle the contents at 10 years.

Individual Digital Files
Digital files sort by name, date modified, type and size. Date modified isn’t the date created. To ensure individual files are sorted by the date created, start each file name with a six-digit date code. For instance, 210115 is 15 January 2021 – as a computer would see and sort it. The year is 21, the month is 01, and the date is 15.
Then, add something short and descriptive about the file itself as the file name. For Example, “210415 Bob Smith - Main St.”
This coding system is especially helpful with large photo archives. While there are programs to quickly edit through photos, it’s nice to have an organized start. The date at the front of each photo file lets viewers know exactly when the photo was made – even if it was modified.

Computer Folders
Computer folders should never be on the desktop. They contain other files, unnecessarily use Random Access Memory (RAM) and are in danger of deletion or corruption. Instead, place the file folder on the hard drive, make an alias and place the alias on the desktop.
Group folders together inside logical master folders. If 10 or more similar folders exist, make a folder with the unifying similar name. If everything inside the folder is from the same date, use the date codes listed above. If not, use a sequential code (numbers or alphabetic characters) with spaces to keep important items at the top of the list. The most important folder should be named “0 -” or “A – “ followed by the folder name. This ensures it is the first folder by name.

I’ve Got Your Six!

Mark M. Hancock

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