Monday, November 15, 2021

FREE Books by Mark

I was a pro photojournalist for 25 years and book editor for a decade. When I became a REALTOR, I applied these skills to educate my clients and explain the real estate process in easily understood terms. Over a few years, I produced the guides (books) listed below. Images are hyperlinked on the PDF to download.

I provide them for FREE on my public Google Drive as PDF eBooks. I won’t know if, when or who views or downloads them. The guides are there for anyone’s benefit. When someone wants to buy or sell a house, please send them a link to these information-packed guides.

They can avoid major and expensive mistakes. They’ll thank you later!

House Seller Guide" has all the information needed to sell a house including examples of Texas state promulgated forms.

This 68-page book features major sections on Let's Sell Your House, What Sellers Should Expect, Seller Preparations, Information Sheets, Texas Promulgated Forms, Addenda and other forms.

It's a deep dive into the entire process. It allows Sellers to understand the process and how to get the most money in the shortest time with the least inconveniences. 

"Home Buyer Guide" features everything buyers need to know to acquire a preowned or new-construction house.

This 64-page book features major sections on First Steps, Buyer Representation Steps (preowned), Home Construction, Information Sheets, New Build Representation Steps and Taxes. 

It has useful information for everyone from first-time buyers to season investors. 

"New Build Home Guide" explains everything needed to acquire a new construction home. It was the first book.

This 46-page book features major sections on First Steps, Home Construction, Information Sheets, and  Buyer Representation Steps (new construction). 

It is specifically designed to help represented buyers navigate the new construction process to their advantage. The "Who Pays For What?" section is specific to new construction.

"DFWmark Information of Value" is an ongoing book with bite-sized nuggets of valuable information for just about anyone.

This book is a growing collection of monthly information that is useful to the broadest spectrum of folks. It covers everything from safety to entertainment.

Some entries include: Put Spring Into Your Home, Cut Your Expenses, Summer Safety Tips, Paint Your Cabinets, Useful Conversions, Prepare for Fall, Organize Files for New Year, Handle Frozen Pipes, Vacation & Staycation Fun, Severe Weather Damage Help, Summer Fruit Tips, Which Screw to Use, House Care & Maintenance, Calorie Charts, North Texas Annual Events and more. 

Additional information is located on this blog at the Information of Value hashtag. Since you want this information delivered monthly, send me an email with the subject line "Add IOV." 

I always seek ideas for future IOV posts, if you want me to research something that should fit on one page and be useful to most people, please call, text or email me with the idea. I'll try to make it happen!

Mom's Cookbook is a gift from our family to yours!

Before Mom passed in 1994, she made a cookbook of her favorite recipes from her travels and friends around the world. 

It still has some “vintage” recipes, but the layout and instructions have been updated. You’re welcome to share it with friends. Please view or download at this link.


I’ve Got Your Six!

Mark M. Hancock, GRI, MRP, AHWD
REALTOR, New Build certified
214-862-7212 (call or text)

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