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What Sellers Should Expect - Bullet Points

This is the bullet-point version of a much more detailed explanation. This version highlights the entire process from your point of view. You can relax because you'll be informed, and I'll keep everything on track for you. Please read the longer section to understand each step.

Pre-listing video
       Let's Sell Your House! (8:34 minutes)
       Let's Sell Your House! (Detailed version - 18:29 minutes)
       Let's Sell Your House! (Brief version - 2:14 minutes)

1) First Meeting
• Sign listing agreement
• Determine needs and preferences
• Review comparable market analysis
• Determine timing and expectations
Extra actions: Time to Shop The Competition

2) Prepare house for Sale
• Declutter and remove personal items
• Stager evaluation
• Make professional photos
Extra actions: Paperwork, House Repairs, Pre-stage, Staging, Photos

3) Activate Listing
• Listing is Active on MLS
• Sign is installed
• Lockbox is on door
• Showing service is activated
Extra actions: Coming Soon, Behind the curtain

4) Start Marketing
• Print and digital marketing materials
• Unique property website
• Social media advertisements
• Open houses and broker's tour
Extra actions: Switch to active.

5) Offer received
• Pre-qualify buyer and lender (if any)
• Negotiate seller's terms
• Call for Best & Highest offers
• Review breakdown of offers
• Accept offer
Extra actions: Negotiations, Offer accepted, Invitation to Submit New Offer, Time to Buy

6) Contract Executed
• Earnest and Option Fee deposited
• Property inspected
• Repairs negotiated (if any)
Extra actions: More paperwork, Inspection, Repair negotiations

7) Loan and Underwriting
• Lender approves buyer's loan
• Appraisal ordered by lender
• Rep provides comparable analysis to appraiser for consideration
• Loan evaluated
Extra actions: Appraisal, Closing Date

8) Pre-closing Steps
• Loan approved
• Closing Disclosure (CD) issued
• Title company balances with lender and gets loan documents
• Closing appointment set
Extra actions: Closing Disclosure (CD)

9) Closing and Funding
• Final walkthrough of the house
• Details of key exchange
• Sign closing documents
• Funding
• Termination of utility services
Extra actions: Final Walk Through, Closing Day! Release Keys and Remotes, Utilities, Funding

I've Got Your Six!

Mark M. Hancock, GRI, MRP, AHWD
REALTOR, New Build certified

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